Gov signs 4 WTA bills!
Nov 12, 2015
Including legal notices on Internet sites effective Friday Nov. 13. See more details on the WTA w...[Click for more]

Updated IOH Ordinances
Oct 02, 2015
If your town wants to either change to or remain in IOH Options B, C, D or E then pass an updated...[Click for more]

ACA compliance
Jun 23, 2015
The notice regarding ACA compliance that was in the May & June newsletters is now online. Tow...[Click for more]

Legislative Update
May 15, 2015
A Legislative Update outline of the 2015-16 session is on our legislative page: http://dev.w...[Click for more]

Assessment Resolution
Feb 26, 2015
On the website re: proposed county assessment: press release, talking points and a sample resolut...[Click for more]


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Have town citizens earned a 21st century economy?
Or, will they be stuck with 20th century infrastructure?

20th or 21st Century:  73% of Town Roads Need Expensive Maintenance

20th or 21st Century:  28% of Town Roads Need New Asphalt/Reconstruction

20th or 21st Century:  Towns Can Replace Roads Every 371 Years

20th or 21st Century:  Just Town Maintenance Needs Require an Additional $333 - $435 Million Annually

20th or 21st Century: Age, Weather, and Weight

Just Fix It Turnout for Transportation:  Capitol Edition
 Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Transportation Development Association is collaborating with WTA, the Wisconsin Counties Association, and the League of Wisconsin Municipalities to host a joint Capitol Day. This event is 100% FREE of charge to Town Officials!

Click here for complete details. 

2017 New & Continuing Town Official Workshops

Nine opportunities to learn about what’s important to town officials in Wisconsin. 

Click HERE for locations and registration. 

2016 Convention Materials 

Mobile Applications to Streamline Road Maintenance
Presented by: Todd Halvorson & Andy Zimmer, MSA Professional Services

Data Breach Risks
Presented by: Bill Kriese, Rural Mutual Insurance 

The Invasives Are Coming
Presented by: Mike Hillstrom & Bernie Williams, WI DNR

Understanding and Collecting Personal Property Tax
Presented by: Atty. Philip Freeburg, UWEX Local Government Center

Developer Agreements
Presented by: Atty. Rick Manthe, WTA Legal Counsel

Rural Economic Opportunities
Barn Adaptive Reuse Summaries
Rural Economic Opportunities Support Materials 
Presented by: Ken Jaworski, Martenson & Eisele Inc.

Recycling Requirements for Town Responsible Units 
Presented by: Jennifer Semrau & Angela Carey, WI DNR

Recreational Trails
Presented by: Tom Beekman, WI DOT

Recreational Trails
Presented by: Cameron Bump, WI DNR

Crude Oil by Rail
Presented by: Brian Satula, WI Emergency Management 

Rebecca Ryan's E-Book Links:

ReGENERATION A Manifesto for America’s Future Leaders -

Live First Work Second -

Like other states, Wisconsin has been grappling with transportation revenue insufficient to meet state and local needs.  The issue has been studied for more than a decade.  Reports have been issued, and recommendations have been put forth. However, little progress has been made toward a long-term funding solution, while Wisconsin falls further behind.  WTA is proud to be a partner in the Just Fix It campaign intended to influence legislative leadership to finally address the economic and safety threat of a crumbling town road system.

Just Fix It Resolution

Alliant Energy Free Emergency Responder Awareness Training

Emergency responders are typically first on the scene when utilities are damaged, whether in response to a downed power line due to a vehicle accident or an excavator digging into a natural gas pipeline.

Alliant Energy has designed a website to help emergency responders recognize potential hazards involving electricity and natural gas and the necessary guidelines to assure their safety and that of the general public.

Department of Revenue

2017 Municipal Clerks Calendar of Events

Updated IOH Ordinances Now Available

(10/2/15) The original Implements of Husbandry law came into being with 2013 Wisconsin Act 377. However, the law was significantly updated with 2015 Wisconsin Act 15. Act 15 changed several things, including the use of trailers to transport Implements of Husbandry (IOHs) and Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicles (Ag CMVs). A new classification of Ag CMV called a Type 1 was also created to give some Ag CMVs the same legal treatment as Category B IOHs.

If your town currently is under Option F, the default under the law, and you want to remain under Option F you do not need to do anything at this time. 

Any town that wants either to change to or even to simply stay in an existing Option B, C, D or E, is urged to adopt an updated ordinance prior to November 30 of this year. Act 15 moved up the deadline to adopt different options to November 30 of the prior year. Sample ordinances are available in word format by clicking on it below:

     Option B Total Opt Out
     Option C Set Higher Limits on All Highways
     Option D Set Higher Limits on Specified Highways
     Option E Opt In (apply axle limitations to Category B IOHs & Type 1 Ag CMVs)

The Department of Transportation's Internet site on the IOH law is here:

There is an upcoming WisLine presentation including the recent changes to the IOH law on October 12. For more information on that, please CLICK HERE.

Finally, please note that there will be two workshops at the upcoming WTA Convention also covering the recent changes to the IOH law.

Legislative Update - Final Summary

The 2015-16 Legislative Session concluded with over 1800 bills that were proposed. The WTA actively followed 225 of them. We took a primary lead on 10 bills and one budget related initiative that were adopted into law. Furthermore, along with you, we were successful on a vast majority of our defensive efforts. Overall, thanks to your support for local innovation and leadership, WTA worked with legislators on a very successful session. 


Calendar of Events

May 25, 2017, Thu 06:00pm
May 25, 2017, Thu 07:30pm
May 30, 2017, Tue 07:00pm
May 31, 2017, Wed 07:00pm
Jun 01, 2017, Thu 07:00pm
Oct 08, 2017, Sun All Day
Oct 09, 2017, Mon All Day
Oct 10, 2017, Tue All Day