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2013-14 Session Frac Sand Positions
Apr 11, 2014

WTA Position on latest Non-metallic (Frac Sand) Mining Bills

(3/5/14) The WTA Board of Directors voted unanimously on the morning of Monday March 3rd, 2014 for the Association to oppose the latest non-metallic (frac sand) mining bills SB 632 & AB 816. WTA's Executive Director Richard Stadelman delivered the Association positions and reasoning later that day at a public hearing on the bills at the state legislature. See below for a copy of WTA's comments:

      Copy of WTA Testimony from public hearing

WTA Call for Action to Save Local Control
Regarding Non-Metallic Mining &
Protecting Investments in Local Highways:
Contact Your Legislators ASAP!

(10/24/13) Senate Bill 349 was introduced this afternoon that would preempt local governmental ability to regulate in the interest of public health and safety regarding non-metallic mining in Wisconsin. Although this bill is largely attuned to industrial sand (frac sand) development interests, it would also affect all non-metallic mining and also local governments' ability to protect their highways in general.

Please see the following documents for more details:

A copy of Senate Bill 349

A copy of the notice of public hearing on SB 349: Thursday October 24, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. in room 411 South of the State Capitol Building.

A memorandum by WTA Exec. Dir. Rick Stadelman detailing WTA issues with SB 349.

A sample resolution in opposition to SB 349 for those interested to complete and send a copy to both WTA and your state legislators.     (Also in pdf format.)

WTA testimony provided at public hearing on SB 349.

On the Wisconsin Legislature's website you can use the "who represents me?" feature to find your local state legislators.

After the bill's public hearing date is NOT TOO LATE to help provide a response to this issue. Thank you for your attention to this extremely important matter.

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