Legal Links

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Legal Authorities

Notes:  along the left side menu see "Wisconsin Law" for links to look up constitutions, Wisconsin statutes, administrative code, attorney general opinions, court opinions, etc.  There is a shortcut underneath the left side menu where you can also look up current and past legislative bills, acts, etc.

General Town Operation

Smoking Ban

Board of Review

Note:  view video online of mock Board of Review hearings.

Emergency Services

Note:  standardized form DT1725 to make a claim per Wis. Stat. s. 60.557(2).

Public Works

Notes:  Flood Damage Aids assist local governments with replacing or improving roads and roadway structures that had major damage caused by flooding, by providing help to defray the costs of repairing any public highway, street, alley, or bridge not located on the State Trunk Highway system.


Alcohol Licensing

Alcohol Retail License Forms - WI Dept. of Revenue

Criminal Background Checks - WI Dept. of Justice
Note:  an inexpensive ($7.00) and thorough check for alcohol license applications.

Responsible Beverage Server Training - WI Dept. of Revenue


Wisconsin Municipal Records Manual - WI Historical Society
Note:  this manual is outdated in some respects, particularly statute numbers cited.  But it is otherwise still good information.

How to Legally Dispose of Obsolete Records/Contact Person - WI Historical Society
Note:  there are also many other things to consider with some types of records, in some cases even other authorizations to gather before disposal. 

Local Ordinance Approval - WI Public Records Board

Note:  a proposed local ordinance establishing periods of time for destruction of obsolete records that contains any time periods not stated by statute, or that proposes shorter time periods than listed by statute, must be approved by the state Public Records Board prior to local adoption.

Land Use