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About Notice Updates

In order to provide a better user-experience and more unique features for you, the WTA web site allows you to receive notification in two methods. You can elect to receive message updates via email and/or through your cell phone.

What is Text Messaging?

Messages sent to cell phones are called "text messages" or "texts" for short. The technical term is "SMS" (Short Message Service). You may see many teenagers tapping quickly on their cell phones and use their phones more for sending text messages to their friends than they do for talking.

Cell phone messages that are sent through this web site will be truncated to display only the first 160 characters of the message, which is the length of a standard text message. Please note that you may incur charges from your cell phone carrier to receive text messages, unless it is included as part of your cell phone plan.

How do I Unsubscribe?

If you no longer wish to receive Notice Updates from the WTA, you can elect to unsubscribe from the notifications. Just click on the Sign-Up form and scroll to the bottom to click the "unsubscribe" link. You can also click here to go directly to the Unsubscribe page. Just enter in the email address you registered and you will be automatically removed from the list.

How do I change my Email Address and/or Cell Phone Number?

The easiest thing to do for changing your email address and/or cell phone number is to unsubscribe using the email address you used when you first subscribed, and then simply sign up again using your latest contact information.