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Local Governments Respond to Removal of Community-Based Decision Making

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Like other states, Wisconsin has been grappling with transportation revenue insufficient to meet state and local needs.  The issue has been studied for more than a decade.  Reports have been issued, and recommendations have been put forth. However, little progress has been made toward a long-term funding solution, while Wisconsin falls further behind.  WTA is proud to be a partner in the Just Fix It campaign intended to influence legislative leadership to finally address the economic and safety threat of a crumbling town road system.

Just Fix It Resolution

Alliant Energy Free Emergency Responder Awareness Training

Emergency responders are typically first on the scene when utilities are damaged, whether in response to a downed power line due to a vehicle accident or an excavator digging into a natural gas pipeline.

Alliant Energy has designed a website to help emergency responders recognize potential hazards involving electricity and natural gas and the necessary guidelines to assure their safety and that of the general public.


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Calendar of Events

Oct 19, 2017, Thu 07:00pm
Oct 19, 2017, Thu 07:00pm
Oct 19, 2017, Thu 07:00pm
Oct 19, 2017, Thu 07:30pm
Oct 19, 2017, Thu 07:30pm
Oct 19, 2017, Thu 07:30pm
Oct 19, 2017, Thu 07:00pm
Oct 20, 2017, Fri 07:30pm
Oct 20, 2017, Fri 07:30pm
Oct 24, 2017, Tue 07:00pm