PSC Grants
Aug 13, 2014
Not much internet infrastructure in your area? Consider Applying for FY2015 PSC Broadband Expansi...[Click for more]

Propane Crisis Info
Feb 11, 2014
Just posted on the WTA website the latest information from the state government on the propane cr...[Click for more]

Call to Action ASAP!
Oct 22, 2013
Please act to save local control to regulate non-metallic mining & the protection of local hi...[Click for more]

ACA Notice
Aug 21, 2013
All employers, including towns, must send all employees an Affordable Care Act notice by Oct. 1. ...[Click for more]

Event announcements
Aug 15, 2013
Now on the website: Implements of Husbandry town halls; On-the-Farm Twilight Meetings invite; &am...[Click for more]


Wisconsin Towns Association Board
Hires Michael Koles as Executive Director
to Succeed Richard Stadelman

(5/30/14) Please CLICK HERE for a press release on the WTA Board of Director's action to hire Michael Koles as WTA Executive Director, who will succeed Richard Stadelman in the role. Stadelman retires on August 31, 2014.

Apply for PSC Broadband
Expansion Grants for FY2015

(8/14/14) The Public Service Commission is pleased to announce it is now accepting applications for Broadband Expansion Grants for the FY 2015 grant cycle.  The application instructions may be found at:  Applications are due and must be uploaded to the PSC’s ERF system by Thursday, October 13, 2014, at 4:00 pm Central time.  Clarifying questions regarding the application process or content should be addressed to the State Broadband Office, as provided in Section 1.5 of the application instructions, must be filed no later than September 25, 2014.

UW-Extension Local Government Center Fall Workshops
Featuring: Budget & Finance and
Implements of Husbandry/Managing Roads for Heavy Loads

(8/12/14) The UW-Extension Local Government Center in cooperation with the Transportation Information Center, Wisconsin Department of Revenue and WTA will be holding nine day-long workshops around the state from September 9th-25th. Each workshop features two simultaneous tracks, one focused on municipal budgeting and finance issues including the levy limit, and the other on featured topics such as Implements of Husbandry and managing local roads for heavy loads.

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the itinerary, dates & locations and registration information.

67th Annual WTA Convention

(7/31/14) Please join us for the 67th Annual WTA Convention October 26th-28th at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Stevens Point. The convention features a wide range of educational workshops and opportunities to meet with your fellow town officials from around the state.

     Please CLICK HERE for the convention announcement & itinerary.

     Please CLICK HERE for the convention registration form.

On-the-Farm Twilight Meetings

(7/29/14) Town, Village, City and County officials and guests are invited to attend one of the four 2014 “On-The-Farm Twilight Meetings” in your area of the state.  There will be a farm tour starting at 6:00 p.m., followed by Ice Cream served to all at 7:00 p.m., followed by a Community/Dairy discussion ending by 8:30 p.m. at each site.

There is no charge to attend, but to help us prepare for enough ice cream and other arrangements please make your reservation to Wisconsin Towns Association at

(715) 526-3157 or by emailing your name, town, and county and number attending and which site you plan to attend.

Walk-ins are welcome, but it helps us plan by calling or emailing in advance!

Monday, August 18, 2014                                     Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hank & Pam Wagner Family                                   Meissner Families

Wagner Farms, Inc.                                                 Norm-E-Lane Farm

N6928 County BB                                                    W267 Panther Creek Road

Oconto Falls, Wis. 54154                                      Chili, Wis. 54420


Thursday, August 28, 2014                                   Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wolf Family                                                              Brian & Yogi Brown Family

Sunset Farms, Inc.                                                   Sunburst Dairy

6600 Sunset Dr.                                                       1003 County Road PB

Allenton, Wis. 53002                                              Belleville, Wis. 53508

Cosponsored by Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW)
Wisconsin Counties Association
Wisconsin Towns Association

More Frac Sand Materials Now Available

(7/8/14) WTA recently co-hosted Frac Sand workshops and those materials are now available by clicking on them below. Separately, the Center for Land Use Education also recently hosted a webinar on frac sand and they now have a link to that webinar plus additional materials as also described below:

Wisconsin DNR's Role in Regulating Industrial Sand Mining
Co-hosted by: WTA, Wisconsin League of Municipalities, Wisconsin Counties Association & WDNR

Resources Summary
1 Air Management / Permitting
2 Stormwater / Wastewater
3 High Capacity Wells / Groundwater
4 Wetlands / Mitigation
5 Green Tier
6 Endangered / Threatened Species
7 Karner Blue Butterfly
8 Municipal Authorities Discussion


Center for Land Use Education Webinar on Frac Sand Mining June 18, 2014

On June 18, 2014 the Center for Land Use Education hosted a webinar providing four different perspectives on industrial sand mining in Wisconsin. Two presenters provided information from their experiences monitoring air quality issues. Here is the link to the UW-Stevens Point page where the link to the Webinar can be found as well as other materials when you scroll down to the "Mining" heading:

We encourage you to link to this webinar to view it and its slides.

Sample Ordinance & Information on
New Implements of Husbandry (IOH) Law

(6/9/14) Please CLICK HERE for a link to Executive Director Rick Stadelman's June WTA magazine article on the New IOH (Implements of Husbandry) Law Overview.

A table showing a summary of the various options that municipalities and counties (these are the Maintaining Authorities under the new law) have regarding the length and weight of IOHs on highways under their jurisdiction can be found if you CLICK HERE.

Sample ordinances for each of the four options (note that Option A and Option F do not require an ordinance) that require an ordinance are attached here:

Option B Total Opt-Out of any IOH Length or Weight Limits;

Option C Partial Opt-Out I of IOH Length and Weight Limits (by setting higher limits) on all highways under the Maintaining Authority's jurisdiction;

Option D Partial Opt-Out II of IOH Length and Weight Limits (by setting higher limits) onspecified highways under the Maintaining Authority's jurisdiction;

Option E Opt-In which requires Category B and all IOH/Ag CMVs to follow the new IOH weight table under the new law.

Also please CLICK HERE to view the new IOH/Ag CMV table (which provides for a 15% increase per axle and gross weight). This table is what now controls for IOH/Ag CMV, on unposted highways, unless Option B, C, D, or E are adopted. 

The Standard Application for a No-Fee Permit from Local Governments can be accessed at the Wis. DOT website at:

Additional information on the new law is also available at this DOT website.

National Flood Insurance Program
Workshops Announced

(7/2/14) The Wisconsin DNR will be holding ten workshops around the state from July 15 - August 27 on the National Flood Insurance Program.

This workshop will tell you what is changing, how it affects your community and what you can do to mitigate the impacts. In addition to insurance, DNR experts will discuss the flood map amendment process, mitigation solutions to rising premiums and new DNR guidance for campgrounds and LOMC’s. All community officials, surveyors, engineers, insurance and real estate agents and other professionals are encouraged to attend. Please click on the link below for more information such as meeting dates and locations.

Legislative Update: 2013-14 Session Recap

(5/6/14) CLICK HERE for a copy of the WTA Legislative Update as of 5/6/14 summarizing issues of importance to towns from the 2013-14 legislative session.

NATaT Legislative Update

(7/8/14) WTA posts weekly legislative updates from the National Association of Towns and Townships. Please see the current as well as past issues on the Legislative page.

 Propane Crisis Information Updates -
Buying Propane - Consumer Tips

(8/4/14) Persistent very cold weather has created an ongoing propane crisis in Wisconsin of exploding prices and short supplies needed to keep homes and businesses warm. Please click on the below items for the latest updates on what the state government is doing on this issue:

      Buying Propane - Consumer Tips

      Reliable Home Heating Act Signed 

     Midwestern Governor's Association Propane Working Group

     USDA Rural Development Grant Program for Farmers

     Governor's Emergency Order #132

     Press Release Regarding Governor's Emergency Order #132

     Comprehensive update from the Dept. of Administration 4-4-14

     Update from the Governor's Office on Available Resources 2-10-14

     Utilities to Provide Propane to Help Low Income Citizens 2-20-14

     State Donates an Additional $500,000 to the Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund 4-11-14

In addition, Governor Walker signed the following bill into law on Thursday March 27th, 2014:

Assembly Bill 770 – creates an emergency heating assistance loan guarantee program. It will allow families to obtain financing of up to $2,500 through a participating lender with a guarantee of 50 to 80 percent on original amount borrowed. Assembly Bill 770 makes financing more affordable by providing a one-time payment of 3.5 percent to reduce the interest rate on the loan. The bill passed the Assembly 94-1 and unanimously passed the Senate; it is Act 175.

Wis. Stat. Section 82.03(2) WTA Resolution

(10/17/13) Please CLICK HERE for a sample resolution proposing that WTA should seek a legislative change to Wis. Stat. s. 82.03(2). The statute requires town meeting of electors approval to annually spend more than $5,000 per mile of town highway in total highway spending. The resolution recommends amending s. 82.03(2) to require town meeting of elector approval instead when planning to exceed $10,000 per mile of town highway in total annual highway spending.


Calendar of Events

Sep 03, 2014, Wed 07:00pm
Sep 09, 2014, Tue 08:00am
Sep 10, 2014, Wed 08:00am
Sep 11, 2014, Thu 08:00am
Sep 15, 2014, Mon 07:00pm
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