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Wisconsin Towns Association Staff

WTA uses a combination of full-time staff in the home office as well as part-time out-of-office staff and contract lobbyists to most effectively and efficiently bring its services to WTA members:


In the Shawano Home Office
  Contact Information
WTA Executive Director – Richard J. Stadelman
Senior Legal Counsel – Carol Nawrocki
Assistant Legal Counsel – Lee Turonie
Office Manager – Karisa Schulze
Bookkeeper – Marcia Yeager
Receptionist/Secretary – Casey Kroenke
  Address: Wisconsin Towns Association
W7686 County Road MMM
Shawano, WI 54166-6086
Phone: 715-526-3157
Fax: 715-524-3917
Email: wtowns@frontiernet.net
Outside the Shawano Home Office   Contact Information
WTA Education Director (Retired) – Tom Harnisch   Address: P.O. Box 65
Neilsville, WI 54456
Phone: 715-743-7477
Fax: 715-743-7474
Email: harnisch@badger.tds.net
UTC Newsletter Article – Tom Solberg   Address: 1001 Moreland Road
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: 608-513-9475
Email: solberg@chorus.net
WTA/UTC Contract Lobbyist – Jolene Plautz   Phone: 715-536-3315
Fax: 608-241-1208
Email: jplautz@aol.com
WTA/UTC Contract Lobbyist – Ann Jablonski   Phone: 608-251-0702
Fax: 608-251-0704
Email: annjablonski1@charter.net