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This list is the full collection of WTA Videos:

Access to the WTA Videos is automatically included in the membership fee paid by Urban Towns Committee members. Other towns will be given access for an annual fee of $50. Either way, access is for all officers of the joining municipality. Please remember that laws change: video content is meant for educational purposes and is not sufficient as legal advice.

1. Welcome – Rick Stadelman.

Recorded Workshops

1. 2013 UW-Extension Local Government Center New & Continuing Officials Workshops:
     a. Powers & Duties of Town Officials (3 parts) - Rick Stadelman, WTA.
     b. Fundamentals of Town Road Funding & Operations (3 parts) - Ben Jordan, Transportation Information Center.
     c. Ethics & Conflicts of Interest - Philip Freeburg, UW-Extension Local Government Center.
     d. Open Meetings Law - Dan Hill, UW-Extension Local Government Center.
     e. Running Effective Meetings - Dan Hill, UW-Extension Local Government Center.

2. 2012 WTA Convention in Appleton:
     a. Employee Policies and Benefits under Act 10 of state law, including employee handbooks and grievance procedures (2012 WTA Convention) - Atty. Drew Cochrane, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP.
     b. Broadband: A passing fad, or critical town infrastructure? (2012 WTA Convention) - Panel discussion.
     c. ATV/UTV/Snowmobile issues for towns and villages on highways (2012 WTA Convention) - Gary Eddy, DNR Safety Warden.
     d. General Permit Authority for culvert and bridge relacement (2012 WTA Convention) - DNR personnel.

3. 2011 WTA District Meetings:
     a. Town Officer Duties – Rick Stadelman.

4. 2011 UW-Extension Local Government Center Budget & Finance Workshop:
     a. Advanced Track covering state programs, formulas and the grievance procedure - Rick Stadelman, Lee Turonie & Phillip Freeburg.

5. 2011 WTA Convention in Green Bay:
     a. Leadership Skills for Town Officials - Kate Lawton & Gary Becker

6. 2009 Center for Land Use Education Seminar - Various presenters:
     a. Role of the Plan Commission
     b. Subdivision Ordinance Creation & Maintenance
     c. Comprehensive Planning Law
     d. Working Lands Initiative
     e. Specific Town Ordinance Review

7. 2009 UW-Extension Local Government Center:
      a. Powers & Duties of Town Officials – Rick Stadelman

Recorded in Studio

1. Financial Administration, Parts 1 & 2 - Carol Doran, formerly of the WI Dept. of Revenue.

2. The Process of Handling & Recording Receipts - Carol Doran, formerly of the WI Dept. of Revenue.

3. Bank Accounts, Annual Reports & Bonding - Carol Doran, formerly of the WI Dept. of Revenue.

4. The Process to Appoint a Clerk, Treasurer or Clerk-Treasurer - Carol Nawrocki, WTA.

5. Public Hearings - Carol Nawrocki, WTA.

6. Ordinance Adoption, Amendment & Enforcement - Carol Nawrocki, WTA.

7. Closed Meetings – Carol Nawrocki & Lee Turonie, WTA.

8. Annual Meetings – Carol Nawrocki & Lee Turonie, WTA.

9. Legislative Updates (2/11) – Rick Stadelman, WTA.

10. Ch. 985 Legal Notices & Open Meetings – Lee Turonie, WTA.

11. Ethics Code – Lee Turonie, WTA.

12. Public Works Contracts & Bidding - Lee Turonie, WTA.

13. Town Revenue Sources - Lee Turonie, WTA.

14. Acquisition & Disposal of Town Property - Lee Turonie, WTA.