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Sample Town Forms

All ordinances and resolutions here provided are samples.  The content of each is provided as an example and is intended to be modified and adapted to meet the specific needs of the user.  No sample ordinance or resolution should be used without prior careful review.  In particular, case law and legislative changes can substantially impact a pre-existing sample.  WTA always recommends that any draft ordinance or resolution is reviewed by the town attorney prior to adoption. 

Town Law Forms

Link above to the vast majority of sample town ordinances and resolutions available.  After the link click on "(Click for list of forms)" in the upper middle of the page.  Each sample ordinance or resolution is listed in descending order of its respective statutory reference.  E.g., if you are looking for a sample official oath of office per Wis. Stat. s. 19.01(1), scroll down the list until you see that sample.  Thanks to the Legislative Reference Bureau for hosting the forms.

 Other Samples

Sample Maintenance Assessment Contract - Dept. of Revenue.

Levy Limit Law for 2013

          Levy Limit Article for general explanation of s. 66.0602 requirements

          Levy Limit - samples for use in exceeding the levy limit via town meeting of the electors

          Levy Limit - sample for use in exceeding the levy limit via town referendum

          WI Dept. of Revenue links for levy limit worksheets & instructions

Mobile (Cell) Tower Siting Ordinance Sample:

          CLICK HERE for a sample ordinance for Wis. Stat. s. 66.0404 to review with your municipal attorney.

Sample Ordinance to extend town officer terms for an extra week due to recent election law changes:

          CLICK HERE for the sample ordinance to extend town officer terms for an extra week as necessary due to recent changes to election law. Also CLICK HERE for a pdf version. The ordinance's legal authority is 2011 Wisconsin Act 115.

Grievance Procedure Information & Samples


The Budget Repair Bill, or 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, created the new requirement in
s. 66.0509(1m) that each local governmental unit in the state must adopt an employee grievance procedure by October 1st, 2011 if the local governmental unit did not already have something equivalent in place last June 29th. Please click on each of the items below to see the information and samples:


WTA Newsletter Article explaining this topic


Follow up WTA Newsletter Article Answering More Questions


Sample Employee Grievance Procedure


Sample Resolution to Adopt an Employee Grievance Procedure


Sample Forms for Use with an Employee Grievance Procedure


Analysis and samples from the League of Municipalities (WTA thanks the League for permitting us to also link to their materials. For another take on the subject, read this article by Attorney Nancy Pirkey and Buelow Vetter Buikema Olson & Vliet, LLC. The article contains a link at its top for samples too.)


Sign Retroreflectivity Samples and Info

          CLICK HERE for the U.S. Dept. of Transportation guidebook

          CLICK HERE for a more extensive toolkit by Minnesota on these federal regulations that contains extensive samples.



Ordinance adoption, amendment and enforcement. Information and samples.

Sample Redistricting Language for Ordinances or Resolutions
Sample Redistricting Language for Ordinances or Resolutions (Word '97 format)

Large Livestock Facility Siting Ordinance

Land Division/Subdivision Ordinance  (Sample does not reflect recent platting law changes.)

Wind Turbine Ordinance
This ordinance is from the Town of Union in Rock County.

Sample Budget Notices and Summaries (2)
To be posted in three places at least 15 days prior to the public hearing on the budget per s. 65.90(3)(a)1.

Board of Review Notice
Board of Review Notice to Adjourn
Board of Review Findings of Fact, Determinations & Decision

Appointed Clerk/Treasurer Ordinance (word doc)
Convert an elected office of town clerk, treasurer or clerk-treasurer to an appointed office.

Outdoor Burning Ordinance
WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Boating Ordinances & Waterway Markers
WI Dept. of Natural Resources

DNR Info on Outdoor Wood Boilers

The DNR would like to bring to your attention a new page on the Department of Health Services internet site on Outdoor Wood Boilers. See: http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/eh/Air/OWBOrdinanceReport.htm. The intended audience is municipalities considering Outside Wood Boilers or smoke ordinances. The page briefly frames the issue, discusses why ordinances may be of interest, and includes a compiled list of Wisconsin municipalities that, based on our review, have existing Outside Wood Boilers or wood smoke-related ordinances.