The WTA offers providers of town and village services several opportunities to inform members about themselves. Service providers can market to towns and villages through our monthly magazine, via any number of sponsorships associated with our educational programming, in a booth at our annual convention, in the annual convention program, and on our website.

WTA also offers special marketing opportunities to our endorsed providers. We are witnessing a high level of turnover in town officials. For example, 49% of Clerks have less than five years of experience. Demographics and generational tendencies lead us to believe that this trend will continue. Not only does the endorsed provider program offer opportunities to businesses to uniquely market their products and services, but much more importantly it allows WTA to help towns by performing an intensive vetting process that can prove a time saving first step in a town search for a service provider. Many towns have reported how this has made their lives easier, especially the newer town officers.

The endorsed provider program includes Recommended Service Providers (RSP) and Exclusively Endorsed Providers. Think of the RSP program as an Angie List of town and village service providers. Recommended Service Providers have been vetted by the WTA, and we feel they offer quality services and products that towns would benefit from and feel confident in purchasing. There could be numerous RSPs in any one service area. It is not an exclusive endorsement. Exclusively Endorsed Providers must go through more vetting hopes and prove to WTA that they are the best in their field. When a service provider is exclusively endorsed, WTA provides unique marketing opportunities only to that one provider in their field of work.

Rural Mutual Insurance Company – Exclusively Endorsed Provider since 2003

Rural Mutual Insurance has been protecting Wisconsinites since 1934. They offer a full line of insurance products to protect individuals’ autos, homes, businesses, farms, life insurance and of course our Town Insurance Program. We have over 150+ agents throughout the state of Wisconsin.  RMI been Nationally recognition by the Ward’s Group as one of the TOP 50 insurance companies in the United State and we are rated A+ Superior by AM Best.
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Premier Solutions Group – Recommended Service Provider since 2017

Premier Solutions Group offers short and long term staffing services that decreases the time, energy, and money associated with recruiting; eliminates payroll management costs; and decreases insurance and retirement costs. If you have an innovative idea, like moving to an appointed full time Clerk that is shared with a neighboring town, Premier can help foster that dialogue.
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Delmore Consulting – Recommended Service Provider since 2017

Delmore Consulting provides a number of services, including road condition review and PASER rating and mapping; WISLR inventory; culvert mapping; traffic and road sign inventory; road core sampling; and annual road planning. Delmore Consulting uses elbow grease, experience, and technology to produce a premier analysis of infrastructure that will assist any town in making the best decisions it can to provide for the safest and most efficient road travel with the limited money towns have.
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JB SystemsExclusively Endorsed Provider since 2018

JB Systems is a home grown, Eau Claire, Wisconsin based and nationally-recognized web, graphic design and database engineering company that specializes in developing eye appealing, high functioning, easy to use, cost competitive websites. They have been in business nearly 20 years and have designed over 500 websites. Their 15+ programmers and designers work in downtown Eau Claire and have been awarded 38 American Web and Graphic Design Awards since 2011.
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