Recorded Workshops and Other Helpful Videos

Access to the WTA Videos is automatically included in the membership fee paid by Town Advocacy Council members.  Towns who are not TAC members may still obtain access to these videos upon payment of annual subscription fee of $50 to the WTA.   If you are interested in obtaining an annual subscription, please contact the WTA office at (715) 526-3157 or at [email protected].  The fee includes access for all officials of the joining municipality.  As you are viewing these videos, please remember that laws change and the video content is meant for educational purposes and is not sufficient as legal advice. The videos are a mix of recorded workshops and in-studio sessions.

Instructions: simply click on a hyperlinked video. It will take you directly to the video where you may be prompted to enter your password to begin play.

2013 UW-Extension Local Government Center New & Continuing Officials Workshops
2012 WTA Annual Convention in Appleton:
2011 UW-Extension Local Government Center Budget & Finance Workshop:
2011 WTA Convention in Green Bay:
2009 Center for Land Use Education Seminar - Various presenters:
Recorded in Studio
Other Videos