The Town Advocacy Council (TAC) is a voluntary, but vital subsidiary to the Wisconsin Towns Association. The TAC is focused on implementing the offensive agenda of the Towns Association, which is reflected in its mission statement: “Advocating for legislation that advances town government interests.” The TAC executive committee makes recommendations for the WTA legislative agenda and creates strategies for turning those ideas into law. TAC’s legislative victories include: winning historic increases in transportation funding; reforming the managed forest law program so local governments retain all revenue from the program; improving the length of service award program by increasing the state contribution match and lowering vesting requirements; and increasing the state investment in broadband.

Besides the immeasurable legislative returns, investing with the TAC creates tangible benefits for members. TAC members receive: one free Town Officers’ Handbook when they sign up and a free handbook every time it is updated; discounted registration fees for TAC sponsored events; access to exclusive WTA website content; a weekly federal legislative update; and recognition as a sponsor of the WTA Capitol Day.

Becoming a member of the TAC requires an investment of 25 cents per capita for your town. Towns with a population over 10,000 pay only $2,500. If your town is interested in becoming a member, please contact the WTA office at (715) 526-3157 or [email protected].

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