The Wisconsin Town’s Association offers the following publications for sale:

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Basic Financial Administration for Wisconsin Local Governments

Proper budgeting, accounting, and reporting practices are necessary to fund a local government’s priorities and meet its day-to-day operations.  There is now a great resource available to assist with these important tasks.  The “Basic Financial Administration for Wisconsin Local Governments” handbook focuses on the needs of smaller local governments and addresses the financial operational needs of clerks, treasurers, other staff, and governing bodies.  Chapters include topics such as payroll, budgeting, reconciliations, purchasing, and municipal borrowing Order your copy today!

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Wisconsin Town Officers' Handbook - Fourth Edition

The 2023 version of the Wisconsin Town Officers’ Handbook is now available!  This newly revised Fourth Edition incorporates recent law changes through the end of the 2021-2022 Wisconsin Legislative Session. Topics discussed include ethics, open meetings, public records, town highways, bidding for public contracts, and zoning and related land use regulation, just to name a few.  This is the “go-to” reference book for seasoned town officers and new officials who want to understand their role, powers, and duties and do things “by the book”. 

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