Dunn County Unit Meeting

January 25th, 2021 | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm | Wisconsin Get Directions »

Zoom Connection:  Zoom connection information will be sent via email 3 - 5 days prior to the meeting to those who have provided their email to WTA.  If you are not receiving emails and believe you should be, please check your SPAM and/or call the WTA office to confirm or add your email address.

County unit meeting participation is encouraged for all town officials.  The meetings empower you to network with other town officials, engage with legislators, learn from speakers, hear updates from WTA Directors, and improve your ability to serve your constituents.  The Dunn County Unit leaders look forward to your participation. 

  1. Call to order – Chairman, Chuck Siler (7:00 p.m.)
  2. Roll call of the towns – Vice Chair, Gene Ruenger
  3. Minutes of previous meeting – Secretary/Treasurer Cheryl Miller
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Secretary/Treasurer Cheryl Miller
  5. Legislative updates – WTA District Representatives present (7:05 p.m.) 
  6. Status of ATV Trail Map for Open Roads within Dunn County – John Sworski, Dunn County Highway Commissioner/Public Works Director (7:10 p.m.)
  7. Presentation and Q&A on Changes to the Dunn County Land (Subdivision) Ordinance – Tom Carlson, Dunn County Surveyor – This ordinance affects all of the unincorporated areas of the county regardless of whether they are zoned or unzoned. (7:15 p.m.)
  8. Presentation and Q&A on Legislative/Contemporary UpdatesWisconsin Towns Association Program – Jake Langenhahn, WTA Outreach Specialist (7:45 p.m.)
  9. Legislative Issues and Member Q&A – Legislators Present (8:15 p.m.)
  10. Upcoming Agenda Items – Unit Officer Elections/Other (8:25 p.m.)
  11. Next Meeting Date – April 26, 2021
  12. Adjourn (8:30 p.m.)
An email reminder will be sent 3-5 business days prior to this meeting.  If you are NOT receiving emails from WTA, please contact our office at 715-526-3157 with your email address.
Senators and Representatives:
Please advise Cheryl Miller, Dunn County Unit Secretary, at 715-556-5034 as to whether you will be able to attend.  Thank you!

*Agenda may be presented in a different order than shown.  Action may be taken on any or all items as shown.  Speakers may be different than shown.