Winnebago County Unit Meeting

October 7th, 2021 | 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Event Location: Town of Poygan Town Hall | 8693 Town Hall Rd | Omro, Wisconsin 54963 Get Directions »

6:30 pm – Dinner Served at 6:00 pm

County unit meeting participation is encouraged for all town officials.  The meetings empower you to network with other town officials, engage with legislators, learn from speakers, hear updates from WTA Directors, and improve your ability to serve your constituents.  The Winnebago County Unit leaders look forward to your participation.

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call
  • Open Forum for Public Comments:
  • Approval of Minutes:  Approve minutes from July 8, 2021 WTA Unit meeting.
  • New Members
  • Elected Officials Invited:  US Senator Tammy Baldwin, State Representatives Michael Schraa, US Senator Ron Johnson, State Representative Gordon Hintz, US Congressman Glenn Grothman, State Representative Rachael Cabral-Guevara, US Congressman Mike Gallagher, State Representative David Murphy, State Senator Daniel Feyen, State Representative Lee Snodgrass, State Senator Roger Roth
  • Secretary/Treasurers Report:  9-30-2021 Financial Statements
  • Discussion/Action: Approve procedure to secure guest speaker for each Unit Meeting. Chairman Schmeichel to propose that the hosting town provide the guest speaker. Unit Secretary to manage agenda and minutes for all unit meetings / Elect Unit Chair, Vice Chair Secretary / Treasurer for a two-year term.
  • Go EDC Report – Rob Keller/Art Rathjen  
  • WTA/TAC Report – Jim Erdman
  • WTA Report – Lee Engelbrecht and John Piechowski
  • Speakers / Subject:  Introductions and update on their department.  Jon Doemel, County Executive / Adam Breest, Director of Parks & Expo Center / Bob Doemel, Highway Commissioner
  • Old/New Business 
  • Next Meeting Dates and locations:  January 6, 2022 Town of Rushford / April 7, 2022 Town of Utica / July 7, 2022 at Town of Vinland / October 6, 2022 Town of Winchester
  • WTA County Stimulus
  • Adjourn

*WTA County Unit Stimulus
Unit meetings are critical to WTA.  It is where we network, learn, and develop capacity with state Representatives and Senators.  All town elected and appointed officials are encouraged to attend county unit meetings.  Without effective unit meetings, town government would be much different.  Simply, a lot of our political influence is generated at and much of our network-based learning occurs during successful and well attended unit meetings.
COVID prompted a wide variety of approaches to unit meetings.  Members responded to each uniquely, some positively and some with decreased attendance.  In order to not only return to our previous level of success with unit meetings, but grow that success, WTA is offering the following incentives to be deployed at unit meetings:
Drawing #1:
One free Annual Convention registration will be raffled off at a unit meeting held sometime in June-September.  If a winner knows on the night of the drawing that they cannot attend, then a new winner should be drawn.  NOTE: Susan Snyder from Town of Black Wolf won this prize at the July 8, 2021 meeting.
Drawing #2:
One $50 gift card will be raffled off at a unit meeting held sometime in June-December.  NOTE: This Drawing will take place at the October Meeting in Town of Poygan
Attendance Incentive:
The unit with the best attendance at a unit meeting held between June-September will receive $250 for their unit.  Spouses and guests should not be included in the count.  The unit with the highest percentage attendance will be deemed the winner.  NOTE:  Attendance at the July 8, 2021 meeting of 38 Town Officials was reported to the WTA Office.  
NOTE:  Unit leadership will provide the winner’s names to WTA.  The convention winner will receive a non-transferrable certificate from WTA to be sent in with their registration no later than October 4, and the gift card will be mailed to the winner no later than January 14, 2022.
Thank you to Scott Construction and Kwik Trip for sponsoring these drawings and supporting this effort! 

An email reminder will be sent 3-5 business days prior to this meeting.  If you are NOT receiving emails from WTA, please contact our office at 715-526-3157 with your email address.
Senators and Representatives:
Please advise Ellen Skerke, Winnebago County Unit Secretary, at 920-725-0916 as to whether you will be able to attend.  Thank you!